About us

Rivershed SPC brings together a small team with significant diverse and relevant experience in:

  • agriculture, forestry, and ecosystem planning
  • geospatial analysis
  • watershed and ecosystem assessment
  • strategic conservation and restoration
  • community engagement and outreach
  • facilitation and project management

SPC stands for Social Purpose Corporation, which operates similarly to a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), and allows our company to incorporate environmental and other social values directly into our business plan. Rivershed supports projects that match our values and a portion of our bottom line is reinvested in the communities and environments where we work. Rivershed tracks and offsets more than 100% of any carbon emissions generated during the project and reinvests carbon conservation dollars in the region where each project occurs.

Our firm has a 30+ combined years of experience working within local government and within the private sector and working with a wide range of local, regional, national, and international municipalities, NGOs, and private industry. We specialize in working with rural communities in working landscapes with high value ecosystems…and of course, we love it if there is a river involved in the project!

Chris Elder created Rivershed SPC to provide cross-cutting integrated conservation planning and project design. Chris has diverse experience working in the Western Hemisphere managing land, supporting conservation planning and acquisitions, designing and promoting restoration and ecosystem enhancement. He has worked in agriculture and food systems for almost 20 years and has been gaining experience in forest management planning. Chris holds a BA in Environmental Biology and Ecology with a minor in Geology, a MS in Agriculture with a focus on soil health and is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Forest Carbon Science, Policy, and Management.

Chris is a landscape level thinker and motivated to no end. He also loves rivers.